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The NNIT Board of Directors (2021)
The NNIT Board of Directors (2021)

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​Four out of nine NNIT board members are women

At NNIT, we have identified four SDGs as the focus of our corporate responsibility work; one of them is SDG #5 aiming to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. While we are continuously working to achieve this goal across the NNIT Group through various development programs, at the very top level, we are proud to say that we have already come a long way.

Four out of nine NNIT board members are women – two are professional members, and two are employee elected members. We also have two female members in NNIT’s executive management team, counting seven members in total. While this is a less impressive split in terms of gender diversity, it sends an important signal, not least to women who now have role models to look to and follow.

Women are well represented in NNIT’s top management, and gender diversity has been increasing by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. “Pale, stale and male” does not apply to NNIT’s Board of Directors.

“Although the IT sector is male dominated, we’ve made it a priority to ensure a better gender balance on the NNIT Board of Directors. We feel that the Board should reflect our society as well as our workplace. And the best foundation for making good, informed decisions is to have a competent and diversified team as your board of directors. This of course includes a good gender balance.” – Carsten Dilling, Chairman of the NNIT Board of Directors

To support this important message, we asked our female board members to share their experience and perspectives in the hope that it will inspire even more women to pursue the career of their dreams as well as break through real or perceived glass ceilings.

Anne Broeng, Board Member

“I have been on the NNIT Board of Directors since 2014 and was a part of the IPO in 2015. I joined the Board right after I made a huge decision regarding my own career to resign from an executive position in the PFA Group and build a portfolio of board roles. It has been a very interesting journey to be part of NNIT developing from a Novo Nordisk company to an independent and a major player in the IT industry. I am an active supporter of more diversity in the boardroom and in executive management. I have the belief that it is a matter of opening your eyes and looking in all directions. Diversity means making much better decisions.”

Camilla Kongsted Christensen, Employee elected Board Member

“I chose to run for the Board of Directors election last year, because I found it very interesting to learn more about NNIT on a strategic level, but also because I believe I can influence some of the top management decisions in a positive way. The NNIT Board of Directors is a pretty diverse board when it comes to gender distribution, and I think it has made it easier for me to ‘fit in’ from the beginning. It is important to have role models that you can identify with from day one. I believe diversity is key for making solid and informed decisions. After being part of the board for seven months, I’m very excited about the openness and interest I’ve experienced; I often feel my ideas are included – that’s very motivating.”

Caroline Serfass, Board Member

“Today, IT and Technology are at the forefront of every company's priorities and plans for the future. I was fortunate that my parents and teachers encouraged me to pursue my interests in maths and in science as a child and in higher education. When I started my career, the technology sector was booming, and that is how I started working in the industry. With my executive career as well as board role, I hope to be a role model and help women believe in their own ability, be confident that they can succeed in anything they choose to do. And to do so by remaining authentic and having the courage of their own convictions.”


About Gender equality in NNIT – a work in progress at all levels of the organization

We are firm believers in equal rights and opportunities, and we believe that a diverse team performs better and thrives more. Our Diversity Policy serves to increase diversity at all levels across NNIT. In 2020, we reviewed our people policies regarding gender neutrality to ensure equality between all genders (e.g. in relation to parental leave). We also analyzed the gender salary gap at NNIT in Denmark. In 2020, the pay gap, between women and men was less than 10%, and we will continue the work to minimize gender salary gaps on both a local and global scale.

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