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From left to right: Magnus Thorslund Ipsen, Ava Davani, and Michael Zimmerman are all on this year's IT Talent top 10 in the consulting category.
From left to right: Magnus Thorslund Ipsen, Ava Davani, and Michael Zimmerman are all on this year's IT Talent top 10 in the consulting category.

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NNIT Talents acknowledged by Tech Publishing

Every year, the Danish organization Tech Publishing casts light on the many skilled IT specialists working in Denmark by announcing three IT Talent Top 10s. Among the 2020 nominees were nine NNIT employees, three of them made the cut.

Tech Publishing (Teknologiens Mediehus) runs the competition IT Talent to celebrate the many IT professionals in Danish companies. The purpose is to inspire others, create awareness around the IT industry, and – most importantly – acknowledge some of the people who excel within their field of expertise.

The categories are IT Consultant, IT Developer, and IT Project Manager.

NNIT nominated nine employees for the competition this year, and while competition was hard, three colleagues entered the IT Talent Top 10 in the consultant category.

NNIT winners

3. Ava Davani, Business Consultant

4. Michael Zimmerman, Managing Consultant

7. Magnus Thorslund Ipsen, Advanced Operations Consultant

When nominating an employee, the respective manager sends a description of the talent and why he or she thinks the employee is worthy of the title IT Talent.

The respective managers described the three NNIT winners using these words:

“Magnus is the go-to-guy in our team when an expert is needed. He’s always ready to help others and to share his knowledge with customers as well as colleagues. He has broad experience within troubleshooting on end-users, networks, and servers on a general level, which is beneficial for both his customers and colleagues. On top of that, he can explain complex IT issues to his stakeholders so that they’re with him every step of the way,” says Samir Daif, Line Manager at NNIT.

“Ava is a highly skilled consultant with deep specialist knowledge, a good understanding of context, and shows commitment and dedication that rubs off on us all. She has deep knowledge within healthcare IT and has in short time built skills within SNOMED CT. She has a broad network and is a trusted advisor among our customers,” says Anne Werner Løhndorf, Manager at NNIT Healthcare Consulting.

“Michael can run any IT project at any level from the first analysis to ensuring operation is running smoothly. He engages people both online and face-to-face with his can-do attitude. For a large transition project, Michael developed a tool to track people satisfaction. The tool can analyze change readiness and bring knowledge to management about the state of their organization. The tool has been adopted by several large customers and our own company and is especially used when larger changes impact the organizations,” says Jeppe Juel, Director at NNIT Private & Public Consulting.

Read more about IT Talent here (in Danish).



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