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NNIT and Apptio partner around solutions for better investment planning and wiser cloud spend

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NNIT and Apptio partner around solutions for better investment planning and wiser cloud spend

Copenhagen, December 20, 2019 – NNIT enters into partnership with the U.S.-based company, Apptio, Inc., a leading provider of tools that uses machine learning to create financial transparency on IT costs. With the advanced software, CIOs can gather information about all IT procurement and data on spend for an overview of the expenses.

Financial transparency is becoming more and more important for companies working on digital transformation and migration to the cloud, explains Brian Troelsen, Business Development Director, NNIT:

“Many organizations are motivated by the potential cost savings related to cloud migration. In order to be able to realize the cost savings, however, they need insights from the enterprise’s current and expected future consumption of IT such as cloud services. Therefore, CIOs request transparency early in the process.”

NNIT wants to meet the demand from customers in all segments including international life sciences companies and private and public companies in Denmark.

In general, procurement of financial management tools for CIOs is expected to grow by 19 percent over the next five years, predicts analyst Robert Naegle of the consultancy company Gartner1.

“It is not a given that CIOs will save money through cloud migration. It requires a data-driven approach. Furthermore, it is important to keep oversight of the expenses and the consumption, which as the year goes by often takes place under the IT director's radar,” Brian Troelsen explains.

Transparency is key to informed investment decisions, and therefore Apptio has automated the entire process of capturing and prioritizing investments, creating value delivery roadmap plans, and optimizing development resources.

“We’re thrilled to continue working with NNIT to ensure its customers have a clear understanding of, and accountability for cloud spend. Detailed insights around consumption and costs puts IT leaders in control to decide how to most efficiently utilize the cloud for their organization’s needs,” says Simon Nielsen, regional sales director at Apptio.

NNIT and Apptio already collaborate to help clients make more informed decisions about IT investments.

1Gartner “Market Guide for IT Financial Management Tools,” Robert Naegle, 17 October 2018


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