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From right: Per Kogut, Jacob Hahn Michelsen, Nana Bule, Søren Svarrer Nielsen, Alexander Nordqvist, Monica Pyndt Grønning, Mikael Mikkelsen, Morten Kvist Thomsen.
From right: Per Kogut, Jacob Hahn Michelsen, Nana Bule, Søren Svarrer Nielsen, Alexander Nordqvist, Monica Pyndt Grønning, Mikael Mikkelsen, Morten Kvist Thomsen.

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​NNIT and Microsoft collaborate on cloud based standard solutions

Copenhagen, February 25, 2020 - Two of the largest players in the Danish IT industry, NNIT A/S and Microsoft Denmark, enter into an intensified collaboration to help Danish companies realize their cloud potential and support digital transformation.

The demand for cloud-based standard solutions continues to grow globally, as reflected in the double-digit growth rates in Microsoft's sales1. The sales growth leads to a growing demand for IT services and consulting services provided by NNIT when customers wish to realize the benefits of moving business in the cloud and strengthen innovation.

NNIT helps its customers make the most of the products across Microsoft's three clouds, Azure, MS365, and Dynamics 365. Many companies sit on an unresolved potential, which NNIT will help the, release, explains Jacob Hahn Michelsen, Senior Vice President, Public & Private, NNIT:

"Our customers are constantly demanding more cloud services, and with the help of our good people, they can quickly and safely get Microsoft's standard solutions clicked right into the business. NNIT wants to be Denmark's leading Microsoft house, so we are very pleased with the collaboration, which enables us to help more Danish companies make the most of buying cloud solutions."

The ambitions lead NNIT to invest heavily in competencies and capacity building. Through the first half of 2020, cooperation focuses on further training when further 200 NNIT employees will be certified across the three clouds. In addition, the ambition is reflected in NNIT's recruitment and acquisitions. With the successful acquisition of SCALES in 2017, NNIT became a leading provider of Dynamics 365 solutions in Denmark.

In January 2020, NNIT presented an adjusted strategy to provide Microsoft's standard solutions as an independent focus area. In addition, Microsoft products become crucial for many of the other focus areas of the strategy such as Data & AI, Cybersecurity and Digital workplace.

Claus Jul Christiansen, Commercial Partner Lead, Microsoft Denmark says about the collaboration: "In Microsoft, we are evolving from a focus on sales through partners towards a thorough partner philosophy in which we develop and sell each other's technology and solutions. Our collaboration with NNIT fits perfectly into this strategy, where our partners build on our technology and work with other partners to build repeatable solutions that can create increased value for our customers."

The collaboration concerns all three clouds but will focus in the first phase on managed services and security for Azure, security, enablingand end-user experience for M365, as well as Finance and Operationsand Customer Engagement for Dynamics 365.



CEO Per Kogut, NNIT, Senior Vice President Jacob Hahn Michelsen, NNIT; Nana Bule, CEO, Microsoft Danmark; Søren Svarrer Nielsen, Corporate Vice President, NNIT; Alexander Nordqvist, Partner Development Lead, Microsoft Danmark; Monica Pyndt Grønning, Partner Development Manager, Microsoft Danmark; Mikael Mikkelsen, Director, Microsoft Danmark; Morten Kvist Thomsen, Associate Vice President, NNIT


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About NNIT

NNIT A/S is one of Denmark’s leading IT service providers and consultancies. NNIT A/S offers a wide range of IT services and solutions to its customers, primarily in the life sciences sector in Denmark and internationally and to customers in the public, enterprise and finance sectors in Denmark. NNIT A/S has approximately 3,200 employees.

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