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​NNIT enters collaboration about global platform with blockchain start-up

Press release -

​NNIT enters collaboration about global platform with blockchain start-up

Copenhagen, May 172018 – NNIT A/S, one of Denmark's leading IT service providers and consultancies, signed an agreement with Blockshipping, a Copenhagen-based start-up company creating the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP).

According to the agreement, NNIT and Blockshipping will begin their collaboration in Q2 2018. The platform will be built around blockchain technology, the Internet of Things and modern sensor technology, whereas the core infrastructure will rest on a cloud computing platform to provide for maximum scalability, flexibility and availability.

For years, the shipping industry has struggled with low margins and limited space for further cost reductions, and the GSCP is designed to bring solutions to some of its biggest challenges -overcapacity, security threats and the increasing environmental regulation.

The GSCP will become the first real-time registry for the world’s approximately 27 million shipping containers, and be available to all the players in the industry in order to increase the efficiency of handling transactions related to shipping containers across the world.

Johann Gautier, Vice President in Management Consulting, responsible for NNIT’s Blockchain team, says about the agreement:

“The GSCP has attracted a lot of attention because it is presented as a blockchain solution to real-world problems. The timing is perfect, and we look forward to collaborate with Blockshipping as they help the shipping industry embrace digitization with new business models and emerging technologies.”

The GSCP is already funded by The Danish Maritime Fund, private business angels and venture capitalists. To accelerate the development of the platform, an initial coin offering, ICO, began on May 14, 2018.

While the Blockshipping team consists of people with decades of experience from senior positions in the global container shipping industry, NNIT enters the collaboration with a team that combines programme leadership with design-thinking experience, blockchain architecture knowledge and offshore development of prototypes.

“We look forward to draw on NNIT’s expertise from large scale IT project management and execution to make the GSCP a reality,” says Peter Ludvigsen, founder of Blockshipping. He continues:

“We want the GSCP to be a leading platform within the shipping industry. Blockshipping has therefore found a perfect match in NNIT, a highly esteemed IT-provider to some of the most regulated industries with quality and security in high demand. “

NNIT has approximately 350 clients of which around 100 are located outside Denmark. Some 20% are international life science clients (January 2018).


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About Blockshipping

The Danish start-up Blockshipping is developing The Global Shared Container Platform, GSCP.

The blockchain based GSCP platform is the world’s first freight container registry and the first global platform allowing all players in the shipping industry to perform a wide range of transactions related to the handling of containers.

The GSCP platform will enable a savings potential for the global container industry of at least USD 5.7 bn per year. And the GSCP platform is expected to reduce the global CO2 emission by at least 4.6 million tons yearly.

Visit Blockshipping’s corporate website here.

Visit Blockshipping’s ICO website here.

Watch a video with an introduction to The Blockshipping GSCP ICO here.

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