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The software robots are coming!

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The software robots are coming!

Organizations can now intelligently optimize how work gets done – by humans working with software robots. That is called Robotics Process Automation – or RPA when you are in a hurry. The offering is on the shelves at NNIT.

“In very few words, RPA enables organizations to more effectively automate tasks, streamline processes, increase employee productivity, and ultimately deliver more satisfying customer experiences", says director in NNIT Management Consulting Farakh Bhatti.

"We supply a premium server based RPA offering or a more affordable desktop edition. In other words, we cover most needs in this area," says Farakh. "We are confident that this will be the next big thing."

Why has RPA become the talk of the town?
RPA is a top priority on many business agendas, because the promise of improved business performance is very attractive. We are dealing with a technology that can fundamentally change the general workforce composition in the future, as many repetitive tasks can be done by software robots in the name of efficiency – and new jobs will be created to manage these robots.

How will this impact our clients?
RPA holds a massive potential in areas such as processing transactions, manipulating data or triggering responses and communicating with other systems. This is particularly interesting when working with clients in the finance and life science segments.

Life science companies face extensive regulatory demands when it comes to documentation. What if you could have a robot to automatically assign EDMS metadata to your documents? Also within supply chain, finance, HR and IT services in general, there are potential efficiency gains.

What are we offering?
NNIT’s offering includes assessment of the customer's current RPA opportunities, and a proof of concept. Next we build competences and select RPA tools while building the infrastructure setup in-house or in a hybrid cloud. During the implementation phase the robots are built, and ultimately we offer operations, support and updating the robots.

Get in touch with Farakh Bhatti if you want to know more about NNIT’s RPA offering.


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